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15 Tips for Healthy Eyes

by Dr Athira

healthy eyes

Healthy Looking Eyes

Who doesn’t want to have healthy eyes? Eyes are really expressive. You might be a person spending hours and hours in front of the computer. As for a quick tip, use anti glare spectacles every time you are in front of a computer. If you have dark circles under your eye then you may need follow my previous post.

Here are 15 tips for healthy eyes

  1. Mud therapy is one among the branches of naturopathy. Mud therapies suggest placing mud packs over eyes for 15 minutes. This helps keep your eyes cool and attain a glow.
  2. Take cold milk in one bowl and cold water in another. Take two clean gausses. Dip one in milk and another in water. Then apply theses gausses alternatively over your eye lids and areas around the eyes. Continue with both eyes .this should be continued for not less than 10 minutes.
  3. Try to sleep eight hours a day. After eight hours sleep when you get up wash you face with cool water. Do sprinkle cool water to your eyes for 10 minutes.
  4. Do keep thin cucumber slices over your eyes. You can also go for gauss dipped in chilled cucumber juice.
  5. Massage using castor oil. Use your ring finger for this. Give very gentle massage for 10 minutes. This natural remedy works better than artificial ones.
  6. Ayurveda suggests application of kaajal on eyes for a thick eye lashes.
  7. Exercise is also essential for having bright eyes. Asanas like Sheershasana, Saarvangaasana, are good for eyes. Pranayamas like Basthrika, Nadishudhi are good.
  8. Every 3 hours try to use eye cups. This helps to remove dirt.
  9. Drink enough water.
  10. Place beetel leaves over your eyes. Then tie them for 15 minutes.
  11. You can tie a cloth folding to your eyes having a paste of cucumber and potato within. Let it remain there for 15 minutes. It is a great cooling agent. It gives a natural glow to your eyes.
  12. Drink carrot, cucumber juice with one teaspoon of honey.
  13. Take an old mascara brush. Clean it with soap solution. After thorough cleaning allow it to dry completely. Now dip your brush in castor oil and apply the oil the way you apply mascara. This will trigger the growth of eye lashes. You will get gifted by thick curly eyelashes.
  14. Make carrot paste. Take a clean cloth. Place the paste on the cloth and tie the cloth like a small bag. Keep this over eyes for not less than 20 minutes. It will give amazing results.
  15. Drink lemon juice once in a day.
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