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25 Ways To Brighten Up Your Damaged Skin

by Dr Athira

Damaged skin

Damaged Skin

Here are 25 ways to brighten up your damaged skin through natural treatments. Many of the treatments mentioned below can also be used for treating freckles and black spots.

  1. Fill bath tub with water add one table spoon of lavender oil and one table spoon of chamomile oil. Soak yourselves for 35 minutes.
  2. Immersing yourself in warm water to which a cup of dissolved baking soda is added can give good results.
  3. Mix nutmeg paste in milk. It should have a thick consistency. Apply this all over the sun damaged areas.
  4. Application of besan flour and curd is excellent for sun tan.
  5. Mix turmeric powder and tender leaves of lemon tree. Apply this pack all over the sun tanned regions. Wash with warm water after 45 minutes.
  6. Take ripe leaves of banyan tree .mix its paste with butter. Then apply over the face.
  7. Break open a vitamin E capsule and apply the contents on the damaged skin. This could give you quite a speedy recovery.
  8. Application of raw potato juice is good.
  9. Mix cucumber paste and 3 pinches of turmeric powder. Add half teaspoon of lemon juice. This removes tan in additional to its ability to treat acne.
  10. Mix equal quantities of turmeric powder and red sandal wood paste. This pack can be applied for 15 minutes daily. Apply this only to the sun damaged area.
  11. Take 2 or 3 grapes squeeze it over your face and give gentle face massage. This removes the dirt and leaves the skin fresh and healthy. Use cool water to wash your skin.
  12. Cut an orange in to two pieces and massage each halves on the face for not less than 20 minutes.
  13. Mix ramacham powder with honey. Ramacham itself is a cooling agent. After 25 minutes wash the pack with cold water.
  14. Take egg yolk, to that add carrot juice and one teaspoon of milk. This gives a perfect glow and its regular application has proved a sun tan protection remedy. but still I advise you not to go out in sun without properly covering up as well as without applying sunscreen lotion
  15. Mix two table spoons of tomato juice and ¾ spoon of butter. Massage this on to your sun tanned skin. After 25 minutes wash this out with Luke warm water. Try this out it it’s a mild sun tan. Avoid this if its sun burn.
  16. Apply thick paste of carrot and potato. This should be thick enough to get maximum benefits out of this pack.
  17. Mix Saffron paste and honey to have a light consistency. Apply this pack for not less than 30 minutes.
  18. Mix Saffron paste and coconut milk. Boil the mix. Allow it cool. Apply this face pack for 30 minutes before evening.
  19. Don’t use any gels with benzoyil peroxide over a sun burned skin. Avoid the excessive use of soap.
  20. Cucumber paste and milk in the ration1:1 if applied daily will promote skin healing and reduces inflammation.
  21. Mix rose water and glycerin. Use this as a skin tonner. Use cotton swab dipped in the mix and gently massage over face.
  22. Take tender leaves of lotus. Make a paste of lotus juice and butter. Apply this all over the tanner area. After 35 minutes wash this with the help of green gram powder.
  23. Drink plenty of water
  24. Mix one glass carrot juice, 2 table spoons of cucumber juice and one table spoon of honey. Drink this every night before bed.
  25. Drink cucumber juice and place cucumber slices all over your face.
  26. Bonus Tip: Water melon juice is an excellent drink that you can depend on for the entire summer season.
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