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40 Tips on How to Lose Weight

by Dr Athira

Lose weight
How To Lose Weight

Weight reduction is an art. There are no short cuts. Going after fat blocker pills you will end up in some serious diseases, which could even cause irregular heartbeats. Today’s world is polluted with misleading ideas. Rather than telling you to follow high protein diet or low fat diet let me show you the vast variety of options from which you could fix your life style for a body in shape. That raises your confidence. It bestows you a healthy mind

Let me come back to the topic will share with you some not so known facts about a good weight loosing diet and exercise.

  1. The secret mantra of losing weight is burn more calories than you consume each day through food.
  2. Have small meals at regular intervals. Have not less than 2.5 liters of water.
  3. Dieting Is Not Starving Yourself. If you jump in to some crash diet and if not done as per a physician or a nutritionist you may soon end up with a disinterest to continue the diet and may pounce upon high calorie diet. The craving will make you eat double that what you usually eat before the diet. The result is a double fatter, triple unhealthy you.
  4. Eat healthy and wisely. If you are advised to avoid a high calorie food, you will be given an alternative which could go almost with the taste you are used to.
  5. Having pea nuts, wall nuts, almonds and olive oil. These fats, in fact are ideal for you to stick on to your diet according to the study conducted by Harvard Medical School.
  6. If you are a great lover of cheese and not forgetting that cheese is a mood buster go for small amounts of high flavor Romano cheese .
  7. Exercise not less than one hour. It could be yoga, power yoga, dance forms, aerobics, jazz, anything.
  8. Spend half an hour for meditation. It is a device through which mind gets into our control. Not only for giving autosuggestion to heal abnormal cells in cancer. It’s also useful for having a good control over your eating habit.
  9. Among fruits pine apples and apples are great because pineapples are loaded with anti obesity factor bromelainand apple is undoubtedly a flavorful low calorie diet. Studies shows that eating apples will help to reduce weight
  10. Choose lean meats. If mutton where fat is not marbles as in beef we can remove the fat before cooking. Grilled piece of chicken is good. It’s always better if you could avoid gravy of meat curries. But beef contrary to the common myth having a conjugated linoleic acid can delay the development of’ hardening of arteries’ /atherosclerosis that is characterized by initial lesions called fibro fatty plaques or atheromas is the major cause of mortality in western world. Half or more than deaths caused this way. In fact beef can even help to lose weight.
  11. Go for low fat milk.
  12. Do you know that a dried cherry hamburger is a tastier and healthier option?
  13. Eat dark chocolates they are mines of antioxidants and have really low fat content when compared to milk chocolates.
  14. Avoid fried foods. Baking and grilling are better options.
  15. If its summer time, do have watermelons in your diet.
  16. Don’t ever skip breakfast .skipping breakfast in fact gift you a potbelly and nothing else. If you skip one meal, your mind will make you too much an extra amount to compensate in the next meal for the missed meal.
  17. The supper should be light and easily digestible; rice gruel is a good option. Or an oat meal in low fat milk. Or a piece of chicken, or a baked banana.
  18. Avoid whipped cream and sugar [white poison].try to use natural sweeteners like honey, sugar cane juice, jaggery … as a substitute to sugar. To salads one can add butter milk or lemon juice or pineapple juice.
  19. Don’t drink more than two cups of tea. Always go for black tea without sugar. Green tea is always advisable.
  20. Avoid sour cream. Pro biotic yoghurt is always a good option.
  21. Try to include whole wheat bread rich in zinc in your diet.
  22. Avoid ice cream which is equal to three meals. A topping itself gives you 100 calories. Instead go for fruit salads. If salad dressing is a must then go for low fat yoghurt.
  23. Use olive oil. Don’t use butter or margarine or mayonnaise.
  24. Avoid adding butter to smashed potatoes.
  25. Daily have 5 servings of fruits.
  26. If you have the habit of eating rice limit it to one cup and take 3 cups of vegetable side dishes.
  27. Fishes like sardines and mackerel are rich in omega3 fatty acid. Daily one serving of fishes is ideal.
  28. Include oats in your diet. The high satiety value makes it getting digested slowly and gives you the feeling of fullness for a pretty long time.
  29. Avoid French fries.
  30. Include lots of beans in your diet.
  31. Reduce the amount of salt intake. Salt has the tendency to retain water and makes you look plump.
  32. Avoid refined flour made items.
  33. Avoid low fat cookies, it’s a myth that they contain less sugar and the fact being their sugar content is comparatively very high.
  34. Avoid too much of sugar and fat in the ingredients when you make cake, instead use apple sauce or baked and cooked and mashed bananas.
  35. Have egg whites, reduce egg yolks.
  36. Eat lots of cucumber. It’s 95%water and is such a low calorie diet.
  37. Drink ash gourd juice to reduce weight. Have this juice every morning in empty stomach. It will give you results. But don’t get addicted to it.
  38. Trust your reflection in the mirror.
  39. Include flax seeds and soybean in your diet.
  40. Maintain a positive attitude.

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