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Bleaching Skin Using Natural Home Made Bleaches

by Dr Athira

Bleaching skin

Bleaching Skin

After my last article on how to get fair, my readers requested me information on bleaching skin naturally. This article on natural bleaches is for all those who long to get fairer without thinning one’s pocket and which don’t have any side effects and is totally healthy. To become fairer the handiest solution would be applying bleach.

But … Dipping yourselves in chemical bleaches is doing more harm than you could imagine.

Doing facial is different from bleaching your skin.  Facial with homemade packs and a massage after that will make your skin more nourished by increasing blood circulation and thereby removing toxins. Too much use of chemical bleach may make your fairer, but for a short span of time. If you have the habit of using bleach very frequently then apply homemade natural bleach. I bet the ingredients you could get from your kitchen. All homemade packs/bleach could be used by both men and women who are aspirants of good healthy skin. Men can avoid packs that suggest the use of turmeric because the yellow spice prevents hair growth.I have seen many men bleaching skin just to slow down their beard growth as well.

Natural Homemade Bleaches for bleaching skin

  1. Take oats, carrot juice and tomato juice in the ratio2:1:1. If allergic to tomato juice then go for the same amount of grapes juice. Add lemon juice whose quantity is just half the amount of other juices which has been used for making the pack. Eyes and the delicate skin around the eyes could be covered with a clean gauss dipped in mildly chilled lemon juice. Apply the paste all over your face and neck. The duration of this natural bleach is 1 hour. This not only makes you fairer but it’s a solution for pigmentation too. If needed apply this bleach once in a week.
  2. Mix egg white with half table spoon of olive oil. Add half cup cooked oats to the mix. Apply the paste on your face for 30 minutes. For dry skin the quantity of olive oil can be increased to 1 table spoon. Repeat this once in 5 days.
  3. Potato is the main source of carbohydrate in many parts of the world. Baked potatoes, grilled ones, cooked and smashed potatoes, potato curry, as kuruma, stews . In one or the other form this economical food is part of our daily diet. But it’s not a known fact that it’s an excellent bleach compared to any other. In some parts of the world people use green gram powder and besan powder for bathing. But potato bleach removes all the dirt on your skin. But please don’t use this more than one in a week.

Exotic Skin bleach Preparation

  1. Peel the potatoes.
  2. Cut them in to pieces.
  3. Dry them under the sun for daily 4 to 6 hours till it gets the consistency by which it can be powdered and stored.
  4. Now once you powder this do preserve in a clean dry glass container.

Keep the skin bleach air tight and store in a cool warm place.

Method of Application of skin bleach:

How to apply skin bleach

Applying skin bleach

Take enough powder for one time use in a bowl. Make sure you hair won’t fall over the bleach. Do UDHVARTHANAM [powder massage] with the potato powder. Do it in the Swedish massage style that is starting from your legs.rub the powder on to your skin. Don’t leave a single area untreated.

If you are having any history of cardiac complaints or if your blood pressure is even a little above 130/90 mm of hg. Then rub the powder from the upper part of body to down Starting from hands face, chest, back, abdomen, legs, feet and soles.

Leave the powder for one hour regardless of the direction of massage you have done. Wash with clean water. After 3 days from bleaching using the potato powder massage your body with orange. For that slice the orange and sprinkle some salt over it and gently massage it all over your body. Wash your body with plain water after 20 minutes.


  1. Don’t use soap or any creams during the same day of applying any kind of bleach. Just wash your face with cold water.
  2. Have fruit salads.
  3. Drinking carrot juice is good.
  4. Rub the elbows ankle joints with the skin of lemon after squeezing out the juice. Lemon juice is bleach. It can be used with other ingredients in a face pack or bleach. But direct application of undiluted lemon juice is not advisable as the citric acid is so strong in lemon and its prolonged use won’t be healthy.

If you have acne, I suggest you treat acne first and then try bleaching.

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