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Diet and Nutrition

Party’s Over: Want Some Post-Party Diet?

Admit it – you’ve been over-indulging since the Thanksgiving Day and though an extra slice of pumpkin pie, an extra serving of roasted turkey, an extra glass of cocktail, and many other extras seem innocent, they all come at a cost, and we all know that! We just all try to deny the fact and […]

Good Weight = Long Life

Christmas season is here and for sure, almost all of us have been planning about what to cook for Christmas and New Year, the parties to attend, etc…Truly, this season has never been an ideal season for dieting and thus, a lot of people just pencil in their healthy target weight for their New Year’s […]

Weight Loss Tips from Across the Globe

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time, then here are some tips you might like to take into consideration. These are various ways that many men and women have used all over the world and are proven to work. First, thinking about curbing down those pounds? Why not eat something spicy? […]

The Other Side of Coffee

Although coffee is widely accepted as a good a stimulant and perk-me-up drink, it actually has several characteristics that might cause more harm than good. Coffee drinkers, who cannot live without their coffee in the morning, do not realize that every time they drink coffee early in the day they are actually wiring up their […]

Proper Diet and Nutrition for Children

When it comes to taking care of the diet and nutrition of children that are obese, most parents often find themselves at a complete loss. Children who suffer from obesity will need proper diet and nutrition, depending on their age. As a parent, it is important for you to be able to identify what they […]

Why is it Tough to Lose Those Remaining 10 Pounds?

All of us are quick to blame the abundance of fast food and lack of exercise when it comes to our growing weight problems. However, there is one other silent factor that could be contributing to your weight gain and it could be the reason why you have so much trouble getting rid of those […]

Belly Flab and 6 Pack Abs – Getting Abs That You Want

We’ve all heard how this or that type of diet or exercise can help us lose the inches off our bellies and give us those beautiful toned abs that we all seem to want. However, only few of us really understand the components of ab exercises or diets and how they work. The truth is […]

Top Foods that Reduce Belly Fat

When it comes to dieting, there are a couple of things that dieters need to keep in mind. Aside from exercising regularly, when it comes to losing weight or belly fat it is important to choose the right type of food as well. Most people will agree that one of the hardest thing to do […]

Fad Diets: Are They Worth the Hype?

I think we’re all well aware that diets labeled as “fads” have been branded as such because they come and go with alarming rapidity (although some resurface again and again).  However, in the spirit of fair play, I have compiled a list a few of these diets that may actually work.  Keep in mind that […]

Low Calorie Diet with Celery

pulav / rice. Major health nutrients in celery It do have a good source of potassium Considerable amount of vitamin C Small amounts of folate. Leaves are considered more nutritious as they are rich in a)      Beta carotene b)      Vitamin C c)      Iron d)      Potassium e)      Calcium Therapeutic effects Celery is found to lower blood […]

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