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What is Kawasaki Disease?

Kawasaki disease is considered to be the most common form of vasculitis that affects children. Some of the common symptoms of this disease include inflammation and irritation of the hands, body, whites of the eyes as well as the lips, mouth and throat. Most of the time, it will be accompanied by high fever and […]

Diseases of the Scalp and Hair

Taking care of our hair and scalp is very important but there are times when we do end up suffering from a particular disease of the hair or scalp. This sometimes happens no matter how much we try to take care of ourselves. There are essentially two kinds of diseased that could infect our hair […]

Curing Toenail Fungus Via Laser Treatment – Will This Work?

Thanks to technology, we can now enjoy the convenience and effects of laser rays. With laser technology, it is now possible to undergo surgeries without having to go through bloody procedures. Laser surgery is commonly used for sensitive areas that might require precision surgery such as in the eyes. However, scientists are finding more uses […]

Is Stress Good?

Stress is capable of making both physical and mental symptoms. Though stress is an unwanted trespasser it does creep into our life during any part of the day and may occupy major share of our thinking. It might keep on eating our brain for long hours! Hans Selye is considered as one of the founding […]

Complex Partial Seizures

Simple partial seizure is not the only variety in partial seizures. Complex partial seizure is one among the varieties of partial seizure. What differentiates a complex partial seizure from a simple partial seizure is the level of consciousness. Complex Partial Seizures Complex partial seizures are characterized by impaired consciousness. There could be a temporary confusion. […]

Simple Partial Seizure

Simple Partial Seizure Please read about what is Seizure disorder before you begin gathering information about simple partial seizure. Simple partial seizure is one among the varieties of partial seizure. Before telling about simple partial seizure, let me tell in simple words what a partial seizure is. Partial Seizure Partial Seizures are characterized by either […]

Seizure Disorders

Seizure is the sudden attack or recurrence of a disease. It’s the result of electrical discharge from the brain. The Cause and the Different Types of Seizure Disorders Seizure disorders are broadly classified into generalized seizures and partial seizures. Partial seizures are again subdivided into two types. They are complex partial seizure, simple partial seizure, […]

Headache, Can We Ignore It?

or go for self medication- daily a pain killer. After months his brain tumor would have worsened that it would be difficult to wipe out the disease. More over the daily dose of pain killer would have gifted him gastritis too… his body would be a heap of toxins. This article is meant for people […]

Common Diseases That Affect Multiple Aspects of Mental Status

Two commonly confused words are Delirium and Dementia. Are they the same? No, but a delirium can be superimposed on dementia. Both these diseases are quite common these days and they do have an impact on various mental aspects.  Those can affect one’s mood, behavior, sleep, memory, perceptions, thought process, etc… Before getting in to […]

Types of Diabetes and Prevention Measures

My last article on tips to prevent diabetes was a small but concise list of steps you could take to prevent diabetes, But readers began asking questions related to diabetes so much that I decided to write a full article on types of diabetes and more preventive measures. If you are a diabetic patient, do […]

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