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Clean Face: Tips to Keep your Face Clean

by Dr Athira

Clean Face

Clean Face Treatment

Always use your hands to wash your face. If needed, you can use a smooth clean cotton cloth. But it’s better to avoid sponges for washing face. It’s an unhealthy practice to use soap every time you wash your face. It would be better if you limit the usage of soaps to two times a day. If you do use it continuously it will deplete the natural moisturizers of the face.

Always splash your face with cool water as soon as you get up for not less than 5 minutes.
Don’t roughly handle your facial delicate skin with towels after washing face. Its better to sponge the excess water using a smooth cotton towel.

Cleansers for a clean face

The cleanser you use should be according to your skin type. If you are blessed with a normal skin type, then you don’t have to worry and can go for any type of cleansers. But … If yours is a dry skin, try to select a cleanser with glycerin. If you have an oily skin, you have to select cleansers with either glycolic acid or salicylic acid.
The red spot that is commonly seen on the face is usually due to over use of cleansers. It’s always wise to limit the use of cleansers to thrice a week.

Toners to get a clean face

It’s a myth that toners are a must to clean the remaining cleanser from the face. But that fact is that luke warm water acts better than a toner and it do help a lot in maintaining the glow and moisture content of the skin. It’s a wrong belief that without a toner one can’t clean one’s face. In short, you can use cleansers and toners, but limit its use to two three times a day.

According to your skin type you can select a good face pack from the list which I had already posted in the blog.

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