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Reduce weight with this salad

by Dr Athira

Ingredients for the salad to reduce weight

  • Pineapple -1cup
  • Carrot [finely chopped] -1cup
  • White chana [cooked with a little salt] -1cup
  • Lettuce leaves or palak [finely chopped] -half cup.

salad to reduce weightYou can add 1and a half pinch of pepper powder to taste or 2 table spoon of pine apple juice, or one teaspoon of lime juice.Take care to see that the method to reduce weight with this salad is not feasible for everyone and will be subject to the availability of the ingredients.

Method of preparation

Mix all ingredients. To add taste as said above either pineapple juice or one and a half pinch of pepper powder can be used. Now let me tell you how this act as a weight reducing diet. You can substitute this salad in place of your starchy meal. This salad is protein rich, less salty, having required minerals, vitamins.  Again, the secret ingredient is bromelain, which is there in pine apple. Bromelain, the wonderful enzyme, is present in all parts of the pineapple plant [ ANANAS COSMOSUS], a higher concentration , is seen in the plant stem. Bromelain do have anti inflammatory property. So it’s used for treating arthritis, phlebitis, sinusitis, obesity, healing wounds etc.

Note:  This salad gives you the required carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, fat, vitamins and mineral.  To make the salad more proteinaceous, and if no history of thyroid dysfunction, you can have cooked soya chunks.

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