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Skin Tanning Prevention Tips

by Dr Athira

Skin tanning

Skin Tannning

Excessive exposure to ultra violet rays [sun’s rays] results in increasing the pigment melanin and gives a dark coloration [skin tan] or skin tanning. The same UV rays that helps in production of Vitamin D, is responsible for formation of some types of mole and skin cancers. Excessive sun exposure is to be controlled. Apart from the problem of sin tanning, within a limit, sun exposure is good for treating many diseases. Rickets is caused due to insufficient sun exposure. 

The rays Burns the skin and causes many bad effects including skin cancer. People who adore a bronze complexion may go for ‘skin tanning’ / ‘bronzing’ voluntarily. I am talking about the former, the undesirable skin tanning. Excessive exposure will cause skin aging (Here are some tips to prevent aging). 

Process of Skin Tanning 

Melanin is produced by melanocytes as a defense mechanism of the body against detrimental effects of ultra violet rays. The two types of ultra violet rays that causes tanning are UVA and UVB. 

Skin tanning is nothing but a natural phenomenon. But we can’t allow our skin to get sunburns. Do you go out in the sun so often? Do you visit beaches so often? Do you know that in today’s world of pollution you are not free from the risk of getting skin cancer? 

Sun Tan

Sun tan


Depending on which part of the globe you hail from you got to use a SPF lotion. You can get a great variety of SPF lotions. If the key to protect us from skin cancer is in our hands why can’t we do that? Let us discuss what happens when a body part is exposed to the sun’s rays. The pigments that act against the harmful UV rays are Melanin. The UV ray oxidizes the existing melanin and imparts a much darker shade. Not only that, the exposure to UV rays will trigger melanocytes to produce extra melanin. The job of these pigments is to absorb these harmful rays and thus preventing our body from its bad effects. Although beneficial are these pigments it still causes skin tanning which is undesirable. 


Skin cancer is reported the least on African continents. The reason being people are blessed with a great count of melanin. It’s a natural count. But excessive exposure to ultra violet rays and thus getting tanned is a different story. Skin tanning does have a great link with a person’s genetic profile. 

Ways to Prevent Sun Tan 

  1. Cover up yourselves. Reduce areas of exposure. You can depend on glows.  If you go to the beach to get sun tanned then go ahead, forget the gloves!!!
  2. Wear a hat at the beach.  
  3. Don’t hesitate to take an umbrella with you. Umbrellas are not only useful when it rains, but also to help prevent skin tanning. 
  4. Avoid going out in the sun between 10 am and 3 pm. This is the time when the UVA and UVB rays penetrate the maximum into the earth surface resulting in tanned skin to those who are exposed. 
  5. Use sunscreen lotion. Care should be taken to go out in the sun only after 15 minutes from the time of applying sun screen lotions. The sun protection factor of the sun screen lotion should be not less than 15.
  6. It’s a common misconception that sunscreen lotion is just for your face and hands. You got to apply this to the entire areas of body which are sun exposed. Always try to choose SPF lotion that suits your skin type. Rather than the fragrance, its quality should be rated first. At cold climate you cannot survive without a lip balm for your lips. You can very much apply the balm, but it should be preceded by the application of a sun screen on your lips.
  7. Supplements are not able to prevent sun tan and sunburns. Research conducted by doctors at Tufts University, Boston agrees with this.
  8. First thing to do is drink plenty of water, cucumber juice, water melon juice. Place cool tea bags, cucumber slices, or a soft cotton towel dipped in cold milk. This is what you can do internally to prevent skin tanning
  9. Aloevera gel can be applied over the entire body regardless of the degree of sunburn.

What to do next? 

Read my 25 tips to vitalize a damaged skin. You will get some tips to prevent sun tan as well as get a glowing skin. If you would rather like to get a fair skin after you got sun tanned then read my tips for getting a fair complexion.

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