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Stress and Personality Changes

by Dr Athira

stress and personality changes

Stress can induce serious personality changes in a person. If people haven’t learnt to cope up with stress then the latter makes d person its slave. It leads your life and you follow it with a restless mind and body. Rather a tired body and mind. Slavery to stress make you feel that you are not good in making decisions. You tend to be too much pessimistic and slowly you get tired of the hopeless life you live. ‘Hopeless’ feeling is in ‘your’ eyes, not others! You tend to ignore that with the remaining energy you can win over stress. But you get lazy and remain pessimistic all the time.
So what it gives is… a drastic change in personality.

A Few of the Personality Changes Associated With Stress:

  • Gets irritable very easily
  • Angry
  • Dull and inactive
  • Anorexic – diminished appetite.
  • Wont mingle with the society well
  • Gets changed to a true introvert in the true sense of the term
  • Impatient,  intolerant
  • Depressed

Stress Causing Work Pressure

These personality changes make the person unfit to work. He will be Weak to lead a group. He proves unfit to be in the managerial posts. He will have problems with his team, his boss, his family. Jobs can create work pressure and stress can create problems at job. So it works in both ways.

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