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Toxic Emotions: Stress

by Dr Athira

Stress was essential for our ancestors to survive in difficult conditions, when they needed to escape from animals that could kill them.

At present, the stress is still important but in excess, is associated with many diseases, both physical and mental.

It is impossible not to have stress, but we can learn to control it.

Why manage stress?
These are some reasons:

1 – Stress is related to: gain weight and accumulate fat in the abdomen. This fat is more dangerous than fat elsewhere in the body because of its proximity to vital organs. Read about the effects of stress and weight on

2 – acne, irritation and inflammation in the skin. In extreme cases the skin becomes dull and lifeless. A long-term stress causes wrinkles and makes us better than we are. Read more about the effects of stress on your skin

3 – Some studies have linked stress with some cancers

4 – Stress causes poor concentration and low productivity. This too can cause accidents and result in an irritable personality, which causes personal problems.

5 – High levels of stress can cause anxiety and depression

6 – Stress can cause fertility problems

7 – Stress down our defenses making them more susceptible to diseases

How is stress?
There is only one way to control stress. Nor is there an optimal way for all. Each person reacts differently to stress and methods to control it.

Read about simple ways to manage stress

In the coming weeks we will be talking about the effects of other emotions that can affect your health, happiness, peace of mind and beauty.

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